JENNA (jennanna) wrote in blindchildren,

Miriams vision therapists came today from the school and told us what we already knew. They said she was right on track as far as needing physical and mobility therapist. They said everything interfering with her movement now was because of her fear of space due to her being blind. So we will be seeing quite a bit of the vision teachers for the next few years. They were very impressed however to how excited and open she was to new things. Miriam hasn’t much fear, she is just very unmotivated when it comes to moving out of her comfort zone which is completely understandable. I am very excited to have all of this going on, they are coming back on the 28th to get started with the good stuff. They will bringing toys, literature and a bunch of other information and techniques we can use to help her. I am really concerned about her speech but they said that everything we are doing is exactly what they would tell us to do. It really amazes me that our instincts to teach her have always been right on the money because they tell us almost nothing we haven’t been doing since the day we found out she was blind.

Tomorrow we will also be going to look at several houses that we might be buying. They are in or around Azle and Fort Worth so we will have to change ECI again but they said it should be a lot easier since it is in the same county. They also said the ECI program there is excellent and offers just as much as here in the big city and that is great! Apparently most of the workers are people who were transferred from here and they should visit her at least once a week there. I can't wait until we found out about everything.
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