Tom Wingfield (quietpathos) wrote in blindchildren,
Tom Wingfield

Please sponsor!

I know this is aggravating and obtrusive but I am raising money for The Schepens Eye Research Institute via the Blogathon. The Schepens is a research organization devoting time to fight blindness whether it be caused by nerve damage, macular degeneration, retinal detachment/damage, etc. The Blogathon is a twentyfour hour marathon where writers publish posts/blogs every thirty minutes. Their sponsors pay per hour or a lump sum. PLEASE Sponsor me. I have glaucoma and suffer optic nerve damage so I am not totally new to the pain - far from it. Click on the links below to: Sponsor me and visit my website where my Blogathon Posts will be posted.

Sponsor me! [opens in new window]
Precious Sight - My Blogathon blog [opens in new window]

(cross posted like crazy...)
(Mods, if you wish to delete this, you can. I will not be offended nor will I repost this.)
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