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Seedlings Braille Books for Children

Hello Everyone!

My mom, Debra Bonde, is the founder and director of Seedlings Braille Books for Children and she is currently in the running for an award which would provide Seedlings with $10,000 to continue their mission of providing blind children with affordable books! This year, a "people's choice" award has been added, so that an additional $10,000 will be given to the charity of the finalist who receives the most online votes.

If you could please spare a few seconds and go to http://www.standonabetterworld.com/vote/index.html and vote for Debra Bonde in the "National" category, we would really appreciate it!

For additional information, behind the cut is a statement that Seedlings has sent out about the award

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Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any further questions or anything :)




Hello Friends,
Yesterday I went with a friend of mine on a city tour of Spokane (um…). My friend is a tour guide and is being trained along with two other people to be professional tour guides for the city. On this particular run-through of the tour, the trainees were supposed to bring two people to act as an audience and I had the privelige of tagging along.

On our way to meet the bus, I asked out of curiosity if, at any time in her training she and her classmates had been given any instruction as to how to facilitate individuals with disabilities on tour. They had not.

As it turns out, the only audience consisted of myself, one other adult and two children. One tour guide took her turn at the microphone for her portion of the tour and, in an attempt to make things interactive for the kids said there’s this tower,” (blab la bla) “Now, I want the first person who sees the tower to put their hand on their head. Well, almost everyone, someone is obviously excluded so we won’t worry about her…” Wow, I’ve lived for 20 years with humanity’s lack of respect for diversity etc. Somehow, though, this bothered me more than I expected.

These are tour guides in training. A tour guide can make or break a vacation experience for an entire family (or more). So, to take a proactive approach, I was wondering if anyone has stories or suggestions about tours and individuals with disabilities. What have your experiences been? What could have made it better? Was it a walking or a bus tour? I would like to combine any information received in to a hand-out for my friend and so that she may distribute the ideas to her colleagues. And, in case you’re looking for a career change, there is obviously a serious need for actual training on facilitating people with disabilities in this field.

Thank you all very much.

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Hello, I have recently joined this community. I am not a parent, but I am currently in school obtaining degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education. I joined the community so that I may learn: the better I understand the families with whom I am working, the better I may serve them. Also, since I have been totally blind from infancy, perhaps I can be of some help and encouragement to you as parents. Feel free to ask questions.

Also, I have recently created a community for christians who are interested in caring for children with special needs. If you are at all interested, check out:


I apologize if you have met me several times. This message, or a version of this message, will be posted in many places. Have a great day!
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1. Name: Jenissee
2. Location: Milwaukee, WI
3. How many children do you have? 3
4. Tell us about the child/children who brought you here? My 3 month old son, Elias, has just been diagnosed with severe Optic Nerve Hypoplasia with midline defects. He also has nystagmus in both eyes. We believe that he does have slight vision as he occasionally trails and responds to light.
5. Do you have a special website you would like to recommend? blindbabies.org
6. What toy do you find your visually impaired child love the most? anything that makes noise
7. Care to recommend a good book your child loves? none at this time
8. Have any specific questions? I'm just looking for general support and help with "what next?"

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