JENNA (jennanna) wrote in blindchildren,

TOYS for the blind

Well Wendy from ECI came today and we spoke about a few places that offer aid for the blind. She also gave me a pamphlet with information but none of the website links work so I guess I am going to have to call the numbers (when do I have time for that?). The pamphlet is a few years old but some of the things looks really cool. They also have a page with links to places with very awesome toys for disabled children, I have included a few of those links.

This place has some very good touch and feel books as well as toys. I think I am going to be getting the classical Casey bunny. You press on different parts and she plays classical music. The stuff is a little bit expensive but it is really neat stuff.

Ok this one was so cool because it has for sale one of those killer abacus toys you always see at the DR’s office. It cost mucho dinero but man would I love it..!

And then they gave the link to this page (the main website has some nice info as well) with links to TONS of places.

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