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Parents & Family of blind children

A support group

For families of blind children. WELCOME!
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This forum is for friends and family of the blind to come together in support of one another. To build friendships while getting the information necessary to be lead down a path of understanding. I understand the difficulties of having a blind child as my daughter suffers from Septo Optic Dysplasia and I know how hard it is to find support and information. I do hope you can find at least some of your answers here! So say hello, introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to “Ask”.

In order to help us get to know you, please fill out this questionnaire, we ask all new members to fill it out!

1. Name:
2. Location:
3. How many children do you have?
4. Tell us about the child/children who brought you here?
5. Do you have a special website you would like to recommend?
6. What toy do you find your visually impaired child love the most?
7. Care to recommend a good book your child loves?
8. Have any specific questions?

Please place our banner on your page!



Blind Childrens Center
Foundation for blind children
Blind Childrens Society
Blind Childrens Fund
National Organization of parents with blind children
Focus Families- ONH/SOD support

To add a link please email me